Immunity Risk Assessment

Your Immunity Score!


Your Immunity Score is 92/100

  • HEALTHY with Risk(s)
GOOD! You are HEALTHY, but with Risk(s)

Your Immunity Score Is High! Even though your risk score is in the healthy spectrum now, you have risk factor(s) Age, which may put you at a Higher Risk in the future. Don't worry about it. There are ways with which you can increase this score and protect yourself. Improvements in your Lifestyle such as Stress, Sleep, Good Diet, Exercise can go a long way in Improving your Immunity.

What your Score Says?

By calculating this "Immunity score", you have taken an important step towards improving your health. Check out the Video on ways to improve your Health Score!

Your Risks Factors Analysis!

Below is your Risk Factors affecting your Immunity. Strongly consider taking steps toward better lifestyle choices and make important changes to improve your health outlook. Remember, even small steps can help.

  • Weight:kg | BMI:0
  • Caution Needed! Age:
  • Good Balanced Diet Diet
  • Good Exercise Regime Exercise
  • No Stress
  • You are doing Good! Rest & Sleep
  • Poor! Have Regular Medicines Medicines
  • Awesome! Smoking & Tobacco
  • Awesome! Keep it Up Alcohol
  • Good! Keep it Up Lifestyle
  • Not Diagnosed Heart Disease
  • Vitals Missing! Get Tested Hypertension
  • Vitals Missing! Get Tested Diabetes
  • Vitals Missing! Get Tested Cholesterol
  • Not Detected Other Chronic Diseases