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Calura Liquid

Calura liquid has diuretic and urolithiolytic activity. It has renoprotective properties. It improves liver functiona nd metabolism. it helps manage excessive acidity of the urine.

Pyloin Capsules

Pyloin capsule works on the liver function, improves metabolism, reduces congestion in blood vessels and relieves the piles.

Pyloin Ghruta

Pyloin Ghrita is digestive, it improves liver function and metabolism. it reduces congestion in portal circulation, reduces inflammation in piles, soothes the piles, helps to check bleeding and heal faster.

Pyloin Ointment

Pylin ointment is an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antimicrobial. It soothes the discomfort and pain in dry as well as bleeding piles. It helps to seize the bleeding and relieve the condition.