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Madhavbaug: Absolute Approach to Diabetes Reversal

Due to a substantial shift in lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and high stress levels in the last few decades, the prevalence of diabetes has increased dramatically. The nescience about the epidemicity of diabetes among people is the biggest driver behind its growth. This chronic disease is incurable, but recent discovery says it can go into remission. Working on this recent global notion that Type-2 diabetes can be reversed is Wardha-based Madhavbaug Clinics & Hospitals, a diabetic clinic which intends to widespread it among people that diabetes can be reversed by lowering the HbA1c and bringing GTT back to normal.


Patient-Centric Diabetes Care & Management

Founded by Dr. Rohit Madhav Sane, the successfully established Madhavbaug is helping profusion of patients in overcoming diabetes and concomitant diseases through amalgamated treatment of Ayurveda and modern medicine & technology. Putting forward some well-framed diabetes care plans, the centre distinguishes itself as a chronic care management clinic, wherein the doctor and clinic are in complete vicinity of the patient. The first is Nidan Care Plan (annual) that concerns the diabetic patients who have well managed it with time. The patients with this plan can have proper monitoring through HbA1c test, GTT, investigation tests like stress test for heart, ABP monitoring for hypertensive patients and much more. Secondly, Niyantran Care Plan follows for the patients who are beyond normalcy level and want to avoid any side effects of the treatment. These patients are provided with Ayurvedic medications, diagnostic tests and diet advice chart for three months, based on which the treament’s progression or regression is assessed.

There are patients who are aware of the epidemic nature of diabetes and are determined to not only cure it, but also uproot it from their bodies, and that’s where the Nivaran Care Plan comes into light. This annual care plan is a combination of Panchakarma therapy, diet plans and diagnostics, altogether divided into two-parts – first being an aggressive management for a period of one, two or three months depending on the patients obesity (a diet kit is provided to bring the BMI to balance) and remaining months as conservative management. These diabetes care plans end with a GTT test whose normalcy confirms diabetes reversal. However, the end results of these plans reduce diabetes; but to keep it maintained, the clinic also offers a two or three-year Navjeevan Diabetes Plan, which includes Panchakarma therapy, diet plans and diagnostics tests. Patients associated with the clinic during the whole diabetes care plans are known to have undergone complete lifestyle modification, resulting in absolute diabetes reversal.

Madhavbaug is helping profusion of patients in overcoming diabetes and concomitant diseases through amalgamated treatment of Ayurveda and modern medicine & technology

Apart from long diabetes management care plans, the clinic also has three diabetes management programs – Comprehensive Diabetic Care, Diabetes Complication Management (pre-failure), and Diabetes Complication Management (pre-ischemia). Making patients to go through all these diabetes care plans doesn’t go easy with the clinic and includes patient’s empowerment about diabetes reversal, a continuous motivation to stick to the plan and diet during and post the plan for a period of 3-4 months, which its effective call centre takes care of. Nevertheless, to entertain the patients and keep them motivated along and post the treatment, the clinic initiates creative events, Yoga & Pranayam sessions, and holds Disease reversal event (felicitation program by celebrities).

Spread across the nation, majorly in seven states like Maharashtra, MP, Gujarat, Goa, UP, and others, with overall 200 clinics, 25 rural OPDs and two hospitals, Madhavbaug is relishing a good revenue growth of about 60-70 percent YoY. Having added 50 clinics recently, Madhavbaug envisions expanding to 1000 clinics nationwide, 5000 rural OPDs, 10 hospitals and 20,000 preventalogists by 2025 to bridge the gap between Ayurveda and modern medicine.

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