Viruses is Attacking people with Low Immunity, Heart Disease, Diabetes & High BP

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By calculating this “risk score”, you will be taking an important step towards improving your heart health.

Age, Heart Disease, Hight Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Smoking are major risk factors affecting your health.  Age, gender, heredity and culture are “non-modifiable” risk factors. Thus one can do no changes in these. However, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, smoking, obesity, high cholesterol, chronic mental stress and are ambitious (Type A) personality are “modifiable” risk factors.

Those with scores below 70, need to consult a doctor and use medications along with life style changes. Those with scores above 70, can use this as a good starting point, maintain diet, good practices of exercise, mental relaxation and attain freedom from addiction. Please implement well known life style changes diligently and with pleasure, to attain a high score year after year for decades to come.

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